Meet your guides

Never fear we’re here to help!

Meet Will, Sally and Nate. They are here to guide you on the 12 before 12 journey. Look out for their fun facts and helpful tips in the cookbook along the way!

Waste Warrior Will

Mission: To save the world one bag of wasted food at a time

Hi everyone! My name is Will and I hate to see good food going in the rubbish. Did you know the average Australian household throws away almost $4000 of groceries every year? That’s like, 10 PlayStations™! And don’t even get me started on how all this waste impacts the environment – it just makes me sad. Will you join me on my mission to reduce food waste?


Safety Inspector Sally

Mission: Protect every kid from getting hurt or sick while preparing or eating food

Listen up kids of Australia! Sally is the name and safety is my game. Scratch that, safety is NOT a game. No kidding, I am totally serious about it. Cooking can be heaps of fun, but sometimes when I’m not around things can go badly. Think cuts, burns and falls – ouch, ouch and ouch! I’m also here to save you from accidentally giving your whole family food poisoning. Sounds funny, but I promise you it is no laughing matter!



Nutritionist Nate

Mission: To share his love of food and science to help kids everywhere enjoy a healthy and happy life

G’day! Are you ready to join me on this learning adventure? I’ve spent years studying everything there is to know about nutrition, and guess what I’ve discovered? Healthy eating is actually very easy – you don’t even need those superfoods everyone keeps talking about! My top 3 tips: eat more whole foods like vegetables, fruits, wholegrains and legumes, drink more water and cook more at home. What’s so hard about that? Can’t wait to teach you more!