Skill 7: Grill Master

Everyone thinks that most important and difficult part of cooking takes place at the grill, this couldn’t be more wrong!

Getting correctly prepped and being organised in the kitchen is definitely the most important thing to worry about!

When it comes to grilling, recipes will often tell you what temperature and how long to cook something, but rarely do recipes tell you what to do before it hits the grill.  Our five top tips will help ensure you master the grill in no time!

5 top tips for tip top cooks

1. Chop like a boss and measure out all your ingredients before you start cooking. Have all the utensils you’ll need ready too!

2. When you take ingredients from the fridge, allow them to increase slightly in temperature before you add them into a hot pan, this includes vegetables, meats or anything that is usually stored cold. Obviously, don’t keep it out of the fridge too long because it could spoil, but around 15 minutes will help most ingredients cook more evenly.

3. Always start with the pan, grill or any kitchen equipment slightly hotter than you need it. This is because when you add your ingredients into the pan, the temperature will reduce.  We don’t want the temperature to reduce too much because this will impact the end result.

4. Don’t overcrowd your pan or grill. If you add too much to your pan all at once, the temperature of your pan will reduce and take a long time to come back to the temperature you want – that means your food will take longer to cook too!

5. Add oil to your pan to help cook your ingredients.  Oil is an important part of cooking because as a liquid it is able to move into and around all of the little nooks and crannies that exist in ingredients, it then transfers heat from the pan to the ingredients and ensures foods cook evenly.

Safety tip from Safety Inspector Sally

Hot oil and water are NOT friends! When they come together, the oil can pop and spit which is really dangerous. Always have an adult in the kitchen with you when cooking.