Skill 6: Chop Like a Boss

Learning to use a knife is an essential part of prepping, cooking and eating. We want you to become confident slicers and dicers, because those who can chop like a boss are more likely to enjoy preparing healthy foods. Why? Because they can do it so quickly and easily.

Please take care – full size sharp knives are very dangerous. The following rules and techniques have been created to keep you (and your fingers) safe, while developing one of the most important food skills there is.

Knife Safety Rules

  • Do not leave knives or sharp things such as graters in sinks or anywhere where they cannot be clearly seen.
  • Avoid moving around the kitchen with knives.
  • If you need to, carry knives by your side with the knife facing down.
  • Get into the habit of always keeping your knife in a ‘safe spot’ above the chopping board.
  • Use a large, firm, stable chopping board to prepare food.
  • Always place a non-slip mat or damp paper towel or cloth underneath your board to stop it from sliding around.
  • Only have one ingredient on your board at all times to ensure your chopping board remains clean and organised.

Knife Techniques

Download the free 12 before 12 cookbook to find out how to use different knife techniques!