12 Skills

12 Skills


  • Speedy Shopper

    Pick a few tasty and nutritious recipes, add the ingredients to the shopping list and zoom around the supermarket to grab it all. Have one ingredient in each food category, and some of the same ingredients across each recipe to avoid wastage. Stocking up on ingredients such as nuts or oats can be used to make a delicious crunchy breakfast, while also used to make those yummy afternoon snacks.

  • Label Lingo
    Read and understand a nutrition label in minutes and use this information to decide which foods you will cook with and eat. Understand what foods are high in fibre, what foods are great for energy and what foods are great source of protein to grow up big and strong.
  • Seasonal Selector
    Know what is in season and make recipes to hero those foods! Discover what foods have a longer shelf life than others, and how you can choose foods to be used in numerous ways when planning your meals. Tips and tricks on how to tell when a certain food is ready to eat, like the avocado!




  • Recipe Ready
    Know how to measure your ingredients accurately based off the recipe and have the right equipment on hand to do so i.e. measuring cups. Learn the difference between ounces and grams, tsp and tbsp and become a whizz at measuring without wastage.
  • Safety Inspector
    Ensure your kitchen is always safe for operation (non-slip boards, sharp blades and sinks, fire). Keep you and your friends and family happy and healthy! Cross contamination, temperature control, personal hygiene.
  • Chop like a boss
    Know how slice, dice, grate and peel. Understand differences between chopping technique and what is best for certain foods. For example, how to chop a capsicum without getting seeds everywhere!



  • Grill master
    Master the cooktop and learn to pan fry, stir fry and grill. Discover how to differentiate oven symbols so you are baking and grilling like a pro.
  • Waste warrior
    Cook up a feast in good measure while learning to minimise food wastage by using ingredients in multiple ways.
  • Picasso plater
    We eat with our eyes, so release the creativity of your inner artist onto your plate. Eat the rainbow!



  • Healthy DJ
    Mix up your meals like your favourite DJ while building awareness of portion size and eliminate food waste. We eat with our eyes, but sometimes these are bigger than are stomachs.
  • Table Talk
    Wait for everyone else to be seated before you start eating. Chew with your mouth closed, use pleases and thank you if you need something from the other side of the table and don’t have a screen in front of you. Once you’re finished, help wash up!
  • Secret Ingredient
    Put aside quality time at the table to show off your food skills. A shared meal has the power to bring the whole family together – the secret ingredient is a sprinkle of love.